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Why choose Dive The Big 5

Dive The Big 5 has made it possible for countless locals and tourists from across the globe to experience the absolute thrill of diving in South Africa. You could have underwater encounters of fierce Great Whites while shark cage diving, witness the Sardine Run in person or go on wildlife safaris all on one holiday. If you are looking for an adventure filled with excitement and sights that will leave you in awe, contact our agents to book your holiday of a lifetime today.

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Dive The Big 5 was established in May 1996

As an incoming tour operator, based in South Africa, specialising in scuba diving safaris and wildlife safaris encompassing the entire coastline and length and breadth of Southern Africa.

The “Dive” part of Dive The Big 5 concentrates on the scuba diving activities of the company which include Great White Shark cage diving, “free-diving” with Sand Tigers, Tiger, Bull and Hammerhead Sharks (The Big 5 Sharks), the annual Sardine Run, unique to South Africa, reef diving, wreck diving, and pure tropical, coral reef diving along the coast of South Africa and Mozambique, as well as “live-aboard” diving off the islands of the Bazaruto Archipelago and the Quirimba’s which lie off Pemba in northern Mozambique.

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Shark Cage Diving

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