Use our “Big 8” Shark Timetable when you plan your next trip to Southern Africa.

This timetable provides an invaluable planning tool. It rates Shark sitings by dive area across each month of the year.

Remember to follow the Timetable Key opposite!

We wish to bring to your attention that Scuba diving as well as Shark diving are purely weather related.  We therefore cannot guarantee that you will be able to dive on any specific day.

We further wish to remind you that Sharks are wild animals who live in their own environment and have the entire world’s oceans as their playgrounds.  We are therefore unable to guarantee sighting of the animals even though we are reputed to have some of the greatest Shark populations in the world.


  • Subject to change due to the unpredictability of "Mother Nature"
  • Special note: The Sharks have not read this "Time Table".