Africa’s First Dive Museum

Divers coming to Africa are set to experience something truly unique after Kenya announced plans to unveil the continents very first under water museum.

Africa has long since been one of those diving destinations that remain unchartered for many divers. Anyone who is keen on the hobby and who has not yet travelled to Africa are certainly missing out on a real once in a lifetime kind of experience.

Not only do those travelling to Africa get to experience a truly vibrant marine life, spectacular underwater events like the Sardine Run, and all sorts of unique plants and corals, divers can also explore various sunken ships who have met their demise on the continents treacherous coastline that is legendary for its incredible storms.


Underwater Museum

Kenya recently announced plans to open Africa’s very first underwater museum, a feat that will take a few years to complete.

The chosen destination for this new attraction is the 504 year old shipwreck which lies off the Ras Ngomeni Coast, in the Kilifi County.

The Portuguese ship will undergo developments and the museum is set to open to divers in 2022. The construction of the museum will be carried out by the National Museum of Kenya (the NMK), in conjunction with the government, and will be open to both divers and those who lack the experience.

The Head of the Archaeological Department at the National Museum of Kenya’s coastal department, stated that when the museum opens up, guests will be able to enjoy guided tours of the wreck. There will be plaques along the way that tell the story of the shipwreck.

Within the wrecks there will be artifacts that are period specific and which will enlighten guests as to what life was like on the ship at the time that it went down. Along with seeing all sorts of artifacts, divers will also enjoy the experience of swimming among the fish and gaining first hand insight into how marine life has taken over the ship.

The artifacts are better preserved beneath the waves, as once they are brought to the surface the artifacts can possibly disintegrate. The artifacts are also protected by sand walls and nets, which prevent the currents from sweeping them away.

Although the museum is still a few years away from opening, if you’d like to travel to Africa to go diving a little sooner, you might want to consider a trip to South Africa.

As one of the top diving destinations on the planet, South Africa is the perfect location to see sharks, tropical fish, shipwrecks and corals. Keep in mind that South Africa is not a diving destination for novice divers, so if you are considering coming to Africa it is best to research whether or not you will be capable of handling the dive.

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