Best Kept Secret Diving Locations

South Africa boasts some of the most amazing scuba diving destinations in the world. Our coastline offers everything from wreck diving and coral reef diving to shark diving and shark cage diving. But South Africa is far from the only location in the world where you can enjoy the best diving.

Dotted across the globe, there are numerous somewhat secret diving locations. If you have spent a lifetime diving, you should certainly include a few of these destinations before you hang up your wetsuit.

wreck scuba diving

The Louilla

Shipwrecks create an underwater haven for all types of sea creatures and corals. These wrecks are an artificial home. The ocean is quite amazing at reclaiming and transforming the wreck. The Louilla is one of those wrecks. This wreck can be found on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. It is so close to the surface that you can actually see it from the shore. It is said to be quite an eerie dive because of the way the ship was wrecked. The ship is only half submerged, so while diving you can hear the waves crashing through.

The General Pereira d'Eça

Another must visit wreck, the General Pereira d'Eça is unusual in that it completely lacks marine life. The ship also sank in such a way that it looks like it is rising out of the water and going into battle. Unlike most of the wrecked ships, the General Pereira d'Eça was sunk on purpose, which explains the position in which it now sits. You can find the General Pereira d'Eça off the coast of the Porto Santo Island in Portugal.

Liveaboard Diving in Indonesia

With this style of diving, you will literally be living on board a boat, out on the open sea. Indonesia is one of the top destinations to offer this style of diving and the diving guides know all of the best spots. The guides are great at offering divers a variety of different dives so you are certainly not going to be bored for a moment. The path between Tolitoli and Palu, which is along the Makassar Strait, is popular for liveaboard diving.

The Seabeds of West Timor, Indonesia

The clear water in this part of the world makes diving in Indonesia a must. When diving here you will have the perfect opportunity to dive between rocks and explore tunnels. The incredibly clear water also gives divers the perfect view of the 100 000 year old oyster shells and corals which have become fossilized into the rock.

Cape Town, South Africa

Diving in South Africa is a must for every diver. We have the rough and rugged diving experiences that are guaranteed to thrill advanced divers. The coral gardens and the kelp forests near to Cape Town will make you feel as though you are in a completely different world. The way the light shines through the water and reflects on the corals and kelp brings the world to life. Divers will find plenty to explore while here.

Tromso, Norway

You wouldn’t think of Norway as a diving destination, and in many ways, it isn’t. But diving in Tromso offers a unique experience. The animal life is more engaging, with walruses being quite curious and even friendly.

Grand Canyon, Verteralen, Norway

While we’re on the topic of Norway, you can also scuba dive in the canyon in Versteralen. Beneath the waves, you can swim with sperm whales between the months of May and September. At other times of the year, the canyon is the perfect place to dive in kelp forests, outside of Cape Town.

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And shark diving in South Africa continues to be our best attraction!


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