Raggie shark diving
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Night Dive at Sodwana Bay

Night Dives at Sodwana Bay

A night dive in South Africa is something very special

It’s completely unlike a night dive anywhere else in the dive world!

The only place to do a night dive in South Africa is at Sodwana Bay. Due to local government rules and regulations, night diving is not possible at any other dive location on South Africa’s east coast. You can’t do a night dive on Aliwal Shoal, due to local rules and regulations, and you can’t do it on Protea Banks because it’s downright dangerous to do a night dive at 30 meters, which is the average depth of a Protea Banks dive. So that just leaves Sodwana Bay, and please believe me, it’s well worth doing!

But a night dive is not your “average” dive. You must have an advanced dive qualification, and its advised to also have a night dive qualification, but this is not a must.

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scuba diving cape peninsula
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Scuba diving around Cape Peninsula – Guilt Free!

Go scuba diving with Dive the Big 5  - the perfect holiday for all!

Is your partner a "dive" widow/widower? You’re hooked and you can’t deny it. Scuba diving is surely the closest you’ve ever gotten to pure bliss, but your partner doesn’t quite agree?

We know the feeling! If this is the case, we have a solution for you… Dive the Big 5 offers our worldwide clients a trip to remember, for divers and wildlife enthusiasts alike. Let us take you on a tour through South Africa where we make sure you and your non-diving partner have a magnificent time.

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shark cage diving
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Shark Cage Diving for all!

Great White Shark Cage Diving facts...

There’s so much controversy about Great White Shark cage diving and even more “misinformation” going around, but we can assure you until you’ve actually done it, you’ll never understand…

People go to see caged animals for fun, all around the world. In some cases, seeing animals in a zoo is as close as most people get to experience a wild animal at all. Yes, there are many people who believe shark cage diving to be the lead cause of rising shark attacks worldwide, but this is not true! Many marine biologists have tried and failed to link the act of attracting sharks with chum, fish oils, or fake seals to shark attacks on humans.

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sardine run
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Sardine Run Expedition – a massive feeding frenzy

If you’ve never heard of the Sardine Run, you’re in for a treat...

Whether you’re thinking about visiting South Africa, as a tourist, or if you’ve lived here all your life, doing a Sardine Run Expedition should be the first thing on your “must see” list.

An incredible sight to witness off the shores of KwaZulu-Natal, and definitely, something to write home about; the sardine run is one of the biggest feeding frenzies in nature! It brings millions of fish near the coast which, in turn, attracts hordes of hungry predators.

Dive the Big 5 has taken many tourists and locals alike, to see this phenomenon for themselves. This migration of thousands and thousands of tiny sardines is visible from space, so you can imagine how many predators comes together to feed on the massive shoals of sardines.

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shoal during the sardine run
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Shark Cage Diving and Sardine Run Tours in South Africa

Shark Cage Diving with a Twist

Have you ever thought of going shark cage diving or doing the exhilarating sardine run? Maybe it's been on your bucket list for ages. Why not make it your New years resolution to do something extraordinary and tick shark cage diving off of your bucket list?  Dive the Big 5 has made this dream possible for countless people. Whether you are a tourist or a South African citizen, the tour packages offered by Dive the Big 5 are all things you should do before you die one day!

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