Mozambique as a Dive Location

Mozambique is a very large country of 799 380 sq. kilometres (308 561 sq. miles) and it has a coastline that stretches in excess of 2 500km (1 554 miles). A land mass greater than France and Great Britain combined! It is bordered in the south by South Africa and in the north by Tanzania. It has a population of just over 20 million.

Ponta do Ouro

Ponta Do Ouro is the southernmost tip of Mozambique and attracts many visitors every year with its friendly atmosphere, sandy beaches and excellent diving. The coastline stretching north from Ponta Do Ouro towards Ponta do Malongane is known for its marine life, beaches and dive sites. To add to the adventure access is by 4×4 only from the border with South Africa from where most resorts will collect their guests.

Ponta Mamoli

Far from the maddening crowds, White Pearl’s Resort at Ponta Mamoli is a secluded, luxury holiday destination in southern Mozambique and is located only 25 kilometers from the Kosi Bay border post. Whether it is diving on exclusive reefs, deep-sea fishing, horse riding, snorkelling and splendid beach meanders or just lazing by our sparkling pool, this is the place to be.


Inhambane is one of the oldest towns in Mozambique dating back to the 10th century when Arab traders were active in this area. It was in 1534 that the Portuguese established a permanent trading post at Inhambane. The atmosphere and architecture in the town reflects this exciting and diverse history and it is no wonder that so many people want to go scuba diving in Mozambique.

Vilanculos / Bazaruto Archipelago

Bazaruto Island and Benguerra Island each have a number of resorts which offer outstanding scuba diving facilities but again these resorts are not cheap.  Flights depart on a Monday and Friday only so the minimum time that one is able to spend at any one of these resorts is 4 nights/5 days and, with the 24 hours surface interval time between surfacing from your last dive till you board your flight,…

Pemba / Quirimbas Archipelago

To compare this destination with any of those we have previously dived would be impossible to do with just 5 days of diving but what we saw places this destination in a unique category. The fact that this area is so vast and has 37 diveable Islands that are almost totally unexplored is inconceivable…

Live Aboard Diving in Mozambique

There are a few privately owned yachts that operate out of the Bazaruto Archipelago and from Pemba as live-aboards, servicing the Quirimbas, Bassas da India, St Lazarus Banks, and Comoros. These are available for private charter when not being used by the owners. These are 6, 8, and 12 berth catamarans and schooners, that go out on a 7 to 10-day charter. Due to the limited number of berths on each vessel, the entire yacht is normally charted out to groups, who charter the vessel exclusively. Individuals, couples, and small groups can book a trip with the hope that others will also book on the same trip, thereby filling all berths. Should this not be the case the group who have booked must either charter the entire vessel themselves or cancel. We have never, in our 20-odd years of existence, been successful in booking a yacht, based on a “fill-up” charter! Again, as with shore-based diving, all diving off a yacht is limited to two or 3 dives a day, which are usually done one hour before high/low tide to one hour after the high/low tide. This is due to the depth of the reefs and the 3-meter difference between high water and low water, which results in a 4 to 5 knot current in between high and low tide. Not pleasant diving! Due to the remoteness of the dive sites, and the distance from civilization, medical attention is limited to the basic first aid knowledge of the yacht’s crew, with the nearest re-compression chamber being a helicopter flight of thousands of k’s, with a result, “pushing the limits”, multiple deep dives, and technical dives are not permitted. This is recreational diving at its best, but very regulated and controlled.