DIVE THE BIG 5’S one-day (at least 4-hours) cage diving with the Great White Shark.

Including: All return transfers from a central location in down-town Cape Town; a light breakfast on arrival at our dive shop; at least 4-hours at sea surface viewing, or cage diving, with the Great White Sharks, Sharks and weather permitting; full equipment hire; a light lunch of soup and an assortment of breads and rolls after the dive.

 Suggested itinerary based on 2019 rates:

Full year 2019:

At a time to be advised the previous evening, you will be contacted by Dive The Big 5, at your accommodation establishment in Cape Town, to advise you of the pick-up time from your accommodation establishment in down-town Cape Town for the 2-hour xx km road transfer to the dive shop in Kleinbaai, which is 4.5 kilometre or 10-minutes from Gansbaai. On arrival at the dive shop in Kleinbaai, the crew will welcome you, and a light continental breakfast is served. No greasy stuff as we don’t want you feeding the fish! After the light continental breakfast you will be given a safely briefing by the skipper and crew, and you will then walk the 100 meters or so, and board the dive boat, Shark Team, a 36 ft custom-built Catamaran. Once all are aboard, the Shark Team is pushed, by the tractor, into the ocean, life jackets handed out, and off you go for the 20-minute boat ride to Dyer Island and Geyser Rock. Exactly where you will drop anchor depends solely on the Skipper & DM. Remember, they go daily, weather permitting, and they know where the best place is to drop anchor in order to get the best viewing. Shark Team will spend between 3-4 hours in the vicinity of Dyer Island and Geyser Rock, looking for Great Whites. Shark Team accommodates a maximum of 20 divers and / or non-divers (surface viewers,) and 5-crew, including a videographer. As soon as the anchor has been dropped, the crew of Shark Team starts “chumming” in order to attract the Sharks to the boat. Chum can be likened to a “watery” fish soup, made up of mashed sardines, other fish, and fish-oil. The “bait,” attached to a long piece of rope, is then thrown into the water, and the idea of the bait is to hold the Sharks attention, after it was been attracted to the boat by the chum. As the Great White approached the “bait”, the crew draws the bait up, towards the cage, with the 6-divers in the cage. Quite a thrill! The idea is not to feed the Great White’s, so the crew try not to let the Great White get the “bait.” Once the shark swims away, the crew start all over again, trying to attract the Great Whites to the divers in the cage. And so it goes on.T here are only 6-divers in the cage at any one time. The divers spend about 20-30 minutes in the cage, sharks permitting. Thereafter, the next group of 6-divers enter the cage, and so it goes on.

Water temperatures vary from between 10°C to 20°C, depending on the time of year, and the viz:- anything from zero to “top to bottom” which could be between 10 and 20 meters. All dive gear, including a “dry” 7-mm wetsuit, as well as light snacks, cool drinks, juice, and water, are available throughout the morning activity.

After about 3-4 hours at sea, in the vicinity of Dyer Island and Geyser Rock, the Skipper will up anchor, for the 20-minute return boat ride back to Kleinbaai Harbour. On docking at the pier, you will disembark and walk the short distance back to the dive shop, where a bowl of hot soup and a selection of breads and rolls await you. On board, the Shark Team is the resident videographer, who has captured the entire morning activity on film. Whilst you are enjoying the soup and rolls, the videographer is editing the film, which you can then purchase in the form of a USB stick @ ZAR 350. After the morning activity, you will be transferred back to your accommodation establishment on down-town Cape Town.


Return road transfer from your accommodation establishment in down-town Cape Town to our dive shop in Kleinbaai, return
Light continental breakfast on arrival at the dive shop
3-4 hours at sea cage diving and or surface viewing with the Great Whites, Sharks and weather permitting
Full equipment hire
Services of a qualified Skipper
Services of a qualified DM
Services of a videographer
 Hot soup and bread and rolls on return to the dive shop.


 Video of the morning’s proceedings
Items of a personal nature
Additional touring & entry fees

Costs for the trip:

Cost: diver or non-divers:

ZAR 2 890

per person, diver or non-diver (surface viewer.)

In order to do this shark cage diving in Gansbaai, you do not have to be a certified diver. Non-divers can get into the cage and experience the thrill of meeting a Great White Shark face-to-face. If you are dubious about getting into the cage, it’s also a thrill viewing the “action” from the “safely” of a viewing deck.

If you are prone to getting seasick, please ensure that you take your anti sea sick tablets at least 2-hours before you are due to board the dive boat, when you get picked up in Cape Town, and again, just before you board the boat.

Success rate taken over the past 15 years:

Peak Great White season is between April to October. (99% success rate.)

High Great White season is between November to December. (Between 90 – 99% success rate.)

Intermediate Great White season is between January to March. (Between 80 – 90% success rate.)

Please remember, the Great White’s have not read the above, so they have no idea of “seasons!”

What to bring:

  • Bathing costume.
  • Warm jacket and / or fleecy lined wind breaker.
  • Sun hat.
  • Sun screen.

Although weather checks are done prior to every trip, if bad weather prevents us from launching the dive boat on any particular day, clients will be informed, and if possible, an alternate day and date can be negotiated, failing that, an entire refund is given.

Gansbaai Weather

If a strong wind picks up whilst we are at sea and a return to shore is required for the safety of the passengers and crew, no refund is given, but we will graciously offer a voucher for a complimentary trip. The Skippers decision is final, and is in the passenger and crews interest.

Please keep in mind that we are dealing with wild animals, in their natural environment, so sightings cannot be guaranteed. Refunds are therefore not considered in the event of no Great White Shark activity, however, a second tour will be offered free of charge.

Please note: Planes and trains depart on time. So do our transfer vehicles and our dive boats!

Water Temperatures in Gansbaai

Useful Information:

Where is Simon’s Town in South Africa

Something to ponder on?

Dive The Big 5 has offered Great White Shark cage diving in Gansbaai since we started offering dive tours and Wildlife Safaris to South Africa since our inception in 1996. Even then, Great White Shark cage diving was a contentious issue! What with cages, chum, bait, shark / human interaction, the sound of a boat’s motor as an indication to the sharks that they were in for a “free meal”, etc, etc. I could go on forever.

In the 22-years that we have been offering Great White Shark cage diving, we have never had a client get off the dive boat, who has not become an ambassador for the Great White Shark! They immediately start spreading the gospel about the amazing creature that they have just been introduced to. The sceptics have all become total converts!

It is Dive The Big 5’s aim to introduce as many people as possible to this magnificent creature, and in so doing, we may just help to save this beautiful, majestic, marvellous creature from extinction.

It’s all about educating the masses, but time, ignorance, and human explosion is the key.

Elephant poaching is exactly the same. Join Dive The Big 5 on a Wildlife Safari, and let us take you on a “trunk in hand” elephant encounter. Elephants, like Great White Sharks, need as many “Elephant / Great White Ambassadors as they can get!