Interested in Shark Diving in South Africa? Check out our Exclusive Packages

Dive the Big 5 has been the premier diving company since 1996. Over the years we have always worked to create unique diving packages that suit our diving clients every need, from accommodation to the actual dive.

In 2018, we decided to revamp our diving in South Africa to offer you more select choices. In the past, we mixed up our itineraries to give divers more, to make their time spent in the deep a truly unique and all-encompassing experience. Instead of spending your dive in various locations, our new dive packages are location specific. Our diving in South Africa includes shark diving, coral reef diving, wreck diving and diving during the Sardine Run.

The 2019 Itineraries

When planning your 2019 diving expedition to South Africa, have a look at our new packages.

Our top destinations for 2019 include Simons Town, the Protea Banks, Gansbaai, Aliwal Shoal and Sodwana Bay. Each destination offers special sightings, often unique to the area in which you are diving. Simon’s Town, Gansbaai, Protea Banks and Aliwal Shoal are all ideal for shark diving in South Africa while some Sodwana is perfect for coral reef diving in South Africa.

We have the option of combination tours and destination tours, giving you more options when planning your dive.

Our most popular combination dives include:

  • Great white shark diving and wildlife safari
  • The Big 5 Shark Dive
  • Great white shark/sand tiger shark dive
  • Great White shark/wildlife/whale shark dive

Each one of these tours is all inclusive of transfers, accommodation, dives and the associated taxes, and if you want to hire equipment, we have a few affordable options for you to look at. When diving in South Africa, these combination dives are ideal for anyone wanting to experience the best of our waters while also seeing some of the other wildlife that our nation is famous for. This means you could be diving in the morning and going on an exciting African safari in the afternoon. By the end of your journey, you will have had more than just a taste of what our beautiful land has to offer.

The next popular dives we have are the destination dives

Spending a couple of days diving at a single destination gives you more than enough time to see all that one location has to offer. Why book an experience that will have you travelling more than relaxing, when you could spend that time in one destination, exploring every inch of the depths?

For those wanting to go shark diving in South Africa, the option of one location can be ideal as it can guarantee a sighting. Remember, the more time you spend in the water, the more opportunity you will have to spot the sharks. There is only so much wreck and reef diving that you can enjoy before it gets a bit old, and luckily South Africa’s waters are full of interesting things to see.

Our most popular destination dives include:

  • A 1 day destination which can, for instance, include a day spent shark cage diving out of Gansbaai.
  • A 3 night/3 day Great White Shark cage dive out of either Simon’s Town or Gansbaai.
  • A 5 night/8 Shark dive at the famous shark diving location of Protea Banks.
  • A 5 night/8 Shark/reef/wreck dive. Divers will be based in Umkomaas and spending their time diving at the second most popular shark and wreck dive location, Aliwal Shoal.
  • A 5 night/8 tropical and coral reefs dive on Sodwana Bays 2-Mile Reef. Sodwana Bay is a colourful diving destination with some of the most beautiful tropical reefs. It is 1 tenth the size of the Great Barrier Reef.

With these destination dives, divers leave the site knowing that they have got the most out of their experience.

Start planning your 2019 diving expedition today and be sure to check our website for more information about the best times to book your dive.

Dive the Big 5 is dedicated to ensuring that divers see as much as possible.


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