Live-aboards in South Africa / Mozambique:

If you are looking for a live-aboard dive destination, don’t look to South Africa / Mozambique.

Think of where all the popular live-aboard action takes place. Where the seas are flat, calm, warm, 25 meters plus viz, areas that have tropical islands, covered in palm trees and forests, coral reefs, sandy beaches, etc….., well that’s not the South African coastline. Our coast is rugged, wild, rocky, windswept, and angry. A live aboard boat would not last a day in our off- shore waters.

However, northern Mozambique is a bit different, and that’s where all our live-aboard diving takes place. Around exotic places such as the Bazaruto Archipelago, the Quirimbas Archipelago, St Lazarus Banks, Bassas da India and the Comoros. But this is live-aboard diving like you’ve never experienced before. The boats are not anything like the Aggressor Fleet’s boats, or the boats that you are likely to find cruising on the Red Sea the islands of the Caribbean or the Maldives. Live-aboard diving in Mozambique is unlike live-aboard diving anywhere else in the world. Those live-aboards all have fixed sailing dates, and return to their home port on a fixed date. We have not progressed to that stage yet!

The live-aboards that operate off the coast of Mozambique are yachts owned by private individuals or consortiums who charter out the entire boat when they are not using it themselves. We currently have about 6 boats that we can chose from, accommodating between 6 divers which is the smallest, to 12 divers, being the most amount of people that can be accommodated on any one boat.

These yachts don't have fixed sailing schedules and groups normally charter the entire yacht for anything between 7 to 14 days. "Fill-up charters" for those not wanting to charter the entire boat are available, but these “fill-up charters” are very difficult to co-ordinate.

I.e. our “live-aboards” are not “live-aboards,” but a “yacht cruise,” exploring different islands, with diving included at different dive sites among the 32 islands or so that make up the Archipelago.  It’s more like a dive cruise adventure than a live-aboard.

Live-aboards that are found cruising on the Red Sea the islands of the Caribbean or the Maldives all have fixed sailing dates, and return to their homeport on a fixed date. These live-aboards depart their home port, drop anchor at a given “dive spot,” and they stay moored at that spot for a day or two, or even longer, before they move off to another dive location. Once they drop anchor “the pool is open,” and you can do as many dives a day as you like, as long as you stick to the tables. That is definitely not Moz!!