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Mozambique dive Packages near Vilanculos

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Mozambique is not called the Pearl of the Indian Ocean for no reason. More and more tourists are flocking to the pristine beaches and warm waters of this magnificent country, and we know exactly why. Dive the Big 5 has created the most wonderful Mozambique dive packages to delight our clients and share the beauty these waters hold.

Diving in Mozambique might seem to be a daunting task for many tourists, but since the Mozambican Government announced that tourists from around the world can now apply for a 30-day dual entry biometric tourism visa at all the Mozambican borders, as well as the airports, exploring the culturally rich destinations are now easier than ever.

Dive the Big 5 has put together various Mozambique Dive Packages at the most breathtaking destinations, namely:

  • Vilanculos & the Bazaruto Archipelago
  • Quirimbas Archipelago
  • Ponta Mamoli
  • Inhambane, Barra & Tofo
  • Ponta do Ouro

Why add stress to your holiday planning by trying to arrange a Mozambican dive trip without knowing where to start? Dive the Big 5 knows exactly which administrative issues to tackle first and with our all-inclusive Mozambican Dive Packages, you simply pick a date and we handle the rest…

It would be wise to take into consideration that diving around Bazaruto Archipelago is best from April to September. The weather is great all year round, but the plankton can reduce visibility in September and November. Tropical storms mostly occur during February and March.


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Mozambique dive Packages in the Archipelago

As you might already be aware, the Archipelago is a National Park. It is basically a series of four islands and a few rocky outcrops. Apart from the main Bazaruto Island, there’s Benguerra Island, Magaruque Island, and Santa Carolina Island. The resorts available in this area are beyond luxurious and have equally luxurious rates as well.

You should know that, due to a strict flight schedule that only flies on Mondays and Fridays, you have to book at least 4 nights at your chosen resort, but that might not be enough time to get the best diving experience possible. We’d recommend at least 7 or more nights, as you also need a 24-hour surface interval before you can board a return flight. The other logistical issue is the fact that the reefs are mostly shallow with strong currents, so there’s really only a 4-hour window every day that is safe to dive in. From about an hour before to an hour high tide, and then again, an hour before to an hour after low tide, the currents won’t sweep you away.

There are five near dives that you can choose from if you book a Mozambique Dive Package with Dive the Big 5:

1.    Manta Reef:

With a maximum depth of 18 metres, this particular reef is a gradual drop from 12 meters along an entire kilomere. The reef is large - around 1km and it takes 2 dives to complete the whole reef. Brindle Bass, Green Turtles, Job Fish, Neon Fusiliers and big schools of reef fish are common and in the summer months’ sightings of Mantas very common.


2.    Turtle Ridge:

Max depth 14m. This is a very easy dive with a weak current and a flat coral reef. There are good sightings
of Green Turtles and big schools of reef fish, amongst these, are Parrot Fish and Snappers. This dive
is excellent for beginners and photographers.


3.    Rainbow Runner:

Max depth 27m. This is an advanced dive. The currents are strong and you need to get onto the reef very fast. You will see big schools of Pelagic Fish, as well as Barracuda, Kingfish, Tuna, Eagle Rays and Stingrays. The
possibility of sighting Zambezi Sharks and Reef Sharks is good. The reef is flat with boulders in-between and plenty of green tree coral.


4.    The Potholes:

Max depth 12m. This is an advanced dive. This is a flat reef at 5 metres and then a set of 4 potholes in a line along the reef are each 35m in diameter. The dive is very scenic with lots of caves and overhangs in the potholes. Good area to find Reef Sharks and Nurse Sharks. This dive can only be done at low tide.


5.    Brindle Bass Ridge:

Max depth 17 metres. Strong current and the best time to dive is at the turn of the high tide. The dive is very scenic with lots of caves and overhangs and ends at 8m. Experience from having completed 20 dives or an advanced qualification is needed to do this dive. There are good sightings of big schools of Kingfish and Eagle Rays, and
plenty of Brindle Bass and thistle soft coral.

Far dives include the following dive sites: Greek Temple; 2 Mile Reef; Zenguerema Point and 12 Mile Reef…

Life is too short not to do the things you’ve always dreamed of!! Contact Dive the Big 5 today and find out how you can be the next person to witness the wonders of the underwater beauty that the Pearl of the Indian Ocean has to offer.

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