Other Activities You Can Do Along the Kwa-Zulu Natal Coast

Most divers would agree that there is only so much diving you can do before you get a little tired of being in the water. It’s not really realistic to spend days on end diving, especially when there are quiet periods when you might see nothing, and as a result, get quite bored.

So when you have booked a 7-day diving adventure, it’s helpful to know what other activities the South African coast has to offer. You don’t have to spend your whole holiday glued to one location either. Travelling somewhere for a morning or an afternoon can make the holiday feel more fulfilling.

Most diving, whether it is shark cage diving, reef diving, wreck diving or just some underwater exploring, is done on the warm and humid south coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal. Along with quite a few wildlife conservation areas, there also a few notable towns and cities in the area which are well worth the visit during the times that you are not diving.

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Without further rambling, here is our list of the things you can do on the south coast:

  1. Basset Breweries

As the craft beer craze takes South Africa by storm, breweries with their own distinct style (and flavour) are popping up all over the country. And no one is complaining. Some of these breweries, such as Basset Breweries, is producing some of the country’s finest beverages. This brewing company is located in Pennington, which is a small coastal town depending mostly on the dairy and sugarcane industry. You won’t regret settling down to a refreshing beverage in this quiet setting.

  1. Amanzimtoti Beach

Yes, you’ve spent a lot of time in the ocean, but how much time have you spent catching a tan on the beach? Sometimes, we get so caught up with diving that we forget about actually sitting back and enjoying the sand, sun and sea views. Amanzimtoti is a vibrant little town and a place to visit if you feel the need to spend your day exploring the beach rather than diving.

  1. MacButterflies

You might need to drive up the coast for the day in order to see this attraction because it’s at Palm Beach. But if you have brought the whole family along for your 7 days of diving and they are getting bored, you can pack the family up and bring them here. MacButterflies is located in a valley and inside there is a dome in which you can enjoy an unforgettable tour. You can really unwind as you take a walk along the paths, taking in the scenery and beauty of the area.

  1. Splash Water World

Going back to Amanzimtoti, if you are up for a different kind of adrenaline rush, there is always the Splash Water World water park. The park is often considered to be the towns best-kept secrets and, well, we’re giving it away. The water park is going to provide fun for the whole family. Packed with fast rides and plenty of action, this is definitely the kind of place you’ll want to visit with the family.

  1. One of the many walking trails

There are so many walking trails along the coast that it is difficult to name just one. While you are planning your trip it’s best to have a look at all of the various walking trails in the area. Be sure to pack some comfortable shoes and clothing.

An honorary mention

Jeffery’s Bay is situated further down the coast, in the Eastern Cape. It might take some time to get there, and as such might not fit into your busy diving schedule, but Jeffery’s Bay is one of the best places in the country to go hunting for seashells. Here you can spend your whole day walking up and down the beach, splashing in the waves and picking up a collection of seashells to take home.

At Dive the Big 5 we have a variety of invigorating dives. And when you are not diving, we can recommend a whole lot of other fun things to do.


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