2018 Itinerary 1 Day Great White Encounter out of Simon’s Town.

Please remember, this is purely a “suggested itinerary”, and we can add to it any which way you like.


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Best time of year: Although we conduct trips from mid-January through mid-September, the best & “peak” seasons where there is more “action” is from mid-May to mid-September.

Please note, the Great White Sharks have not read this timetable and have no idea where they are meant to be and when!

This is a one day expedition out of Simon’s Town in False Bay. The Simon’s Town harbour is about 1 hour’s drive in peak traffic from The Waterfront in Cape Town.

Suggested itinerary:

You will be contacted by either, phone / e-mail / SMS at your hotel / B&B on the afternoon / evening before your scheduled Great White expedition to advise you of the pick-up time from your hotel / B&B the following morning, and to give you the expected weather conditions. Please check for messages with the front desk / receptionist.

On the morning of your expedition you will be collected from your hotel/B&B at about 05h30 and you should arrive at Simon’s Town Harbour at about 06h30, depending on traffic. After the briefing and safety talk you set sail for Seal Island. Seal Island is about 14 km’s or a 20 minute boat ride from Harbour and lies within False Bay, meaning it is reasonably well protected from the elements. Once in the vicinity of the Island a decoy is deployed and the skipper trawls the area towing the decoy trying to induce a “natural predation” or breaching Great White – “air jaws”. Depending on animal activity, at about 09h00 / 10h00 the boat is anchored off Seal Island and the cage lowered into the water for Great White Shark cage diving. The crew immediately begin to chum the water with mashed sardine and fish oil in order to attract the Great White’s to the dive boat and they then throw out the bait in order to hold the shark’s attention. Once a shark is attracted to the boat by the chum and bait the divers enter the cage and the bait is towed towards the cage allowing the divers within the cage to get up close and personal with the Great White Shark. You do not have to be certified in order to enter the cage as this activity is done on snorkel. It is our experience that the exhaust bubbles of scuba tend to frighten the sharks away. However, there is a “hookah” system on the boat for those who want to use a regulator, but this is not recommended.

At about 11h30 the skipper up anchors and heads back to Simon’s Town Harbour. The day’s activity ends by between 12h00 and 13h00 depending on shark activity and you will be back at your hotel by 14h00. The rest of the afternoon is free.

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