2018 Itinerary: 4 Day Great White Encounter out of Simon’s Town

Please remember, this is purely a “suggested itinerary”, and we can add to it any which way you like.


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Best time of year: Although we conduct trips from mid-January through mid-September. The best & “peak” seasons where there is more “action” is from mid-May to mid-September. If from mid-January to mid-May there is no shark action, we will not run trips out of Simon’s Town, and we will endeavour to change the location to Gansbaai. Should this be necessary, additional charges may apply.

Please note, the Great White Sharks have not read this timetable and have no idea where they are meant to be and when!

Simon’s Town offers the shark enthusiast an alternative to Gansbaai – “The White Shark Capital Of The world!” There are currently 8 “licenced” White Shark dive operators operating out of Gansbaai with the smallest boat accommodating 18 to the largest, accommodating 40, with everything in-between. It’s a traffic jam in the morning to see who gets to the dive location first in order to secure the prime position. Something like being on the Lower Ganges! Out of Simon’s Town there are only 3 “licenced” dive operators, resulting in less congestion and a better overall experience. The Simon’s Town dive charters start off by trying to get the Great White’s to breach (Air Jaws) by towing a decoy in the shape of a seal behind the boat. This is done at first light, as early as possible as Great Whites are the apex predators in the ocean, and tend to be active (hunt) early mornings and late afternoons. After trying to induce natural breaching we then drop anchor for a few hours cage diving. Again, as is the case in Gansbaai, the Simon’s Town area of False Bay is also known as the “Cape of Storms”, and for this reason alone it is advisable to spend at much time as possible at sea so as to maximise your time with these magnificent creatures. This itinerary can also be shortened or lengthened according to the client’s requirements.

Also…, you’ve come this far to dive. Why not take advantage of being in Africa and spend 3 days on safari in the world famous Kruger National Park. We have a 2 night / 3 day safari special for all divers travelling with “Dive The Big 5”.