2018 Itinerary Magical, Pristine. Warm, Accommodating Mozambique.

5 full days with a minimum of 2 dives a day on the tropical coral reefs off the coast of Mozambique.

Please remember, this is purely a “suggested itinerary” and we can add / reduce it any way you like, by increasing or decreasing the number of days spend diving in Moz.

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Best time of year: Mozambique lies within the tropics so this dive location is a 12 month of the year dive location. But February month is known as “cyclone month” off the east coast of Africa, in the Mozambique Channel, so, if you can, avoid visiting Moz in February / early March. Mother Nature has no set dates.

Please note, the Sharks, especially the Whale Sharks have not read this timetable and have no idea where they are meant to be and when!

Mozambique must offer some of the most pristine tropical coral reef diving anywhere in the world. Situated within the Tropic of Capricorn, in an area not yet threatened by climatic charges and coral bleaching, it’s more popular  pristine coral reefs with an abundant sea life are situated 25 km’s plus from the shore. Too far out for the local fishermen to plunder and rape in their flimsy dhows. These reefs are untouched, spectacular and pristine.

Unlike dive sites in the Red Sea and Caribbean, Mozambique cannot offer multiple dives a day. “The pool is open” type of diving. All dives are done in the early morning so as to take advantage of the calm sea conditions with little wind. The wind normally picks up at about noon, causing a chop on the water and unpleasant and even dangerous diving conditions. That coupled to a 3 meter variance between low and high tide limits diving to 1 hour either side of the turn of the tides. Please don’t expect to do more than 2 dives a day anywhere along the South African & Mozambique coast. By late afternoon the wind drops making a night dive an unforgettable experience. But this can only be decided on the day, a few hours before the dive.

Please also remember, when diving anywhere off the coast of Mozambique you are miles, thousands of miles, from a recompression chamber. Do no push the limits! All reputable dive operators err on the side of caution! This is the epitome of recreational diving.

Remember to take out dive insurance and also remember you are diving in a high risk malaria area. Please take the necessary preventative measures.

Also… you’ve come this far to dive. Why not take advantage of being in Africa and spend 3 days on safari in the world famous Kruger National Park. We have a 3 night / 2 full days safari special for all divers travelling with “Dive The Big 5”.