2018 Itinerary White Shark & Wildlife Dive Safari.

9 nights / 10 days in total.

4 days cage diving with the Great White Sharks off Dyer Island / Geyser Rock, “The Great White Shark Capital Of The World”.

3 Full days on safari in the Kruger National Park.

Please remember, this is purely a “suggested itinerary” and we can add / reduce it any way you like, by increasing / decreasing the number of days spend diving or on safari at any of the above locations.

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Best time of year: April through October which is peak Great White Season although this itinerary can be done all year round.

Please note, the Sharks, especially the Whale Sharks have not read this timetable and have no idea where they are meant to be and when!

This White Shark / Wildlife combination is unique to South Africa!

Where else in the world can you dive with the White Shark on one day and view the “Big 5 (lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo) the next?? Only in South Africa!!

This unique combination is ideal for the dive enthusiast with a non-diving partner, as the non-diving partner will not want to miss out on viewing the oceans apex predator from the deck of the dive boat without getting wet, whilst the diving partner is in the cage getting up and close  with the Great White. Then flying off to spend 4 nights / 3 full days on safari in arguably the greatest wildlife reserve in the world, The Kruger National Park, which is home to Africa’s “Big 5”, lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo. An absolutely unique, wildlife experience, only available in South Africa. Let Dive The Big 5 host you.

Please note: The Great White Shark activity takes place on or just below sea level. Full scuba gear is not required for Great White Shark cage diving, as the 6 man cage is attached to the side of the boat and no diving certification or experience is necessary. Your head and shoulders are above sea level until the dive master gives the call to let you know that the Great Whites are approaching. You then submerge your head and shoulders below sea level for the close sightings of the Great Whites, as they swim towards and past the cage. A diver spends about 20-30 minutes in the cage at any one time. After all the divers have had a chance in the cage, those wishing to have a 2nd go in the cage are more than welcome, time permitting. Snorkel equipment and the “breath hold” method are the most popular options, as experience has shown the sounds and bubbles from the regulator are found to be distracting to the extremely sound sensitive Great Whites. Should a diver want to use air and a regulator, he / she must be a certified diver, and must advise us in advance, as this is not carried on board. When you are not in our 6 man cage, refreshments are enjoyed while viewing the Great Whites and other sea life from the viewing deck.