Shark Week: Tiger Shark Diving in South Africa

Spending a whole week exploring the Protea Banks and swimming with Tiger Sharks is what Tiger Shark Week is all about. From the 6th of May through to the 12th of May 2018, divers from all over the world are welcomed to experience the first Shark Week of the year with Dive the Big 5!

South Africa’s stunning Kwa-Zulu Natal coastline is not just an idyllic place for a holiday. It is the perfect shark diving destination. But when planning your Tiger Shark diving adventure, you need to plan your dates just right. Our Shark Weeks are planned according to the best times of the year to see Tiger Sharks. Years of experience, plenty of research and countless dives help us decide on the right dates, so you don’t have to!

The best time of the year has to be May. Tiger Sharks prefer to live in tropical or sub-tropical waters. The Indian Ocean makes for the perfect habitat, with consistently warm waters to be expected all year round. Tiger Sharks are known to be nomadic, often following the warmer currents. With the Benguela Current following down the South African east coast, bringing with it warm waters, Tiger Sharks never have to travel too far from the coast when looking for the ideal environment.

Other parts of the world where Tiger Sharks are spotted include the Bahamas, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, and Australia. Some fear that the shark may become endangered in the near future because it is, in some parts of the world, hunted for its meat.

For divers wanting to spot the Tiger Shark, the fact that these sharks live close to the coast means that when diving at the right times of the year you are almost guaranteed to spot these apex predators.

tiger shark diving south africa

Facts about the Tiger Shark

As one of the largest species of shark on the planet, the Tiger Shark is truly an amazing creature of the deep. The more you know about this creature, the more you will come to understand why Tiger Shark diving is such a popular dive. Here are a few interesting facts about this shark:

  • These sharks are recognized by their jaws of serrated teeth and their blunt noses.
  • They can detect the electrical impulses created by the movements of their prey. This enables them to be effective hunters even when waters are murky. This combined with their exceptional sense of smell makes them deadly to their prey.
  • As apex predators, these sharks are known for eating just about anything, including tyres, license plates and oil cans. This just highlights the need to keep the oceans clean.
  • This fact is not meant to scare you, but Tiger sharks are the second most dangerous sharks to man. When diving, we take extra care to not get too close, but to enjoy these creatures from a safe distance.
  • You won’t easily find these sharks swimming in large groups. They are solitary animals, only coming together during mating season.
  • The Tiger Shark has a long lifespan. In the wild, they are known reach the age of 50.

Tiger Shark Diving Week

If history is anything to go by, and we assure you that from experience it certainly is, Tiger Sharks are best seen in May. In fact, you have a 60% chance of encountering this magnificent beast on the Protea Banks if you dive during our May Shark Week.

We do, however, have to caution that there is never a guarantee that you WILL see this shark just because you are diving in May. Sharks, like any other wild creature, have a mind of their own and they don’t follow our itineraries. Our Tiger Shark Week is exclusively for the seasoned diver. The Protea Banks have strong currents and in our experience, only advanced divers can safely do this dive. Book your Tiger Shark dive and experience 5 days of diving with 2 tank dives a day on the itinerary. 

The Protea Banks is one of the best places in the world to see the Tiger Shark.

Don’t miss out on this Shark Week!


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