By Leigh-Anne Harber

The Best Places to go Snorkelling in South Africa

If scuba diving is not your thing, or should you not yet have the required experience, you can always try your hand at snorkelling and explore the depths from the surface.

South Africa remains one of the African continents best places to enjoy the thrill of deep sea diving. Travellers from all over the world venture to South Africa each year to see the country’s spectacular wildlife as well as the prolific ocean life swimming deep beneath the waves.

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Great White Shark breaching
By Leigh-Anne Harber

Shark Conservation: Why Should We Protect Sharks?

They are the predators of the deep. The creatures with the terrifying rows of teeth and the rather unfair reputation for the occasional nipping of a bather. Well, sometimes it’s more than a nip, but sharks are not the man hunters we have conjured up in our minds. Instead, they are for the most part quite peaceful creatures and recently many shark species have started to become endangered.

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