The Best Places to go Snorkelling in South Africa

If scuba diving is not your thing, or should you not yet have the required experience, you can always try your hand at snorkelling and explore the depths from the surface.

South Africa remains one of the African continents best places to enjoy the thrill of deep sea diving. Travellers from all over the world venture to South Africa each year to see the country’s spectacular wildlife as well as the prolific ocean life swimming deep beneath the waves.

Many of the dive destinations require some experience while others are going to require divers to have a certification of some kind. This is because of the difficulty of the dive as well as the under water conditions can mean divers need more experience than they would need if they were diving in a shallow destination.

For those who still want to explore ocean life but lack the diving experience, snorkelling is the best option and South Africa has a variety of exceptional places which are simply perfect for snorkelling.

Equipped with just a snorkel to breathe through and a mask for the eyes, adventurers can glide on the surface and spot all kinds of interesting under water creatures. And if it is sharks you are hoping to see, more than a few snorkelers have come close to these interesting but often misunderstood animals.

cape seal

Some of the best places to go snorkelling in South Africa include:

  • Sodwana Bay

Without a doubt one of the country’s most popular destinations, Sodwana Bay has a stunning lagoon and other places where swimmers can float along and see all kinds of ocean life living along this part of the coast. Sodwana Bay is home to schools of tropical fish, and the golden beaches help to add to the tropical aesthetics for which the area is so well known.

It is not uncommon for those who snorkel at Sodwana Bay to encounter dolphins and even the odd whale shark.

  • Knysna

It’s not just tropical fish, sharks and whales that you can catch a glimpse of when snorkelling along our coast. When in Knysna, swimmers have the opportunity to spot the brown Knysna seahorse. The lagoon is the place to see the seahorses, which are endangered, and can change colour depending on the environment in which they are living.

  • The Devil’s Reef

Located on the Port Elizabeth beach front, just across the road from the Marine Hotel lies the Devil’s Reef. Don’t be put off by the name, this brightly coloured reef is home to all kinds of fish and those who snorkel here can expect to see stingray, sponges, and all kinds of soft coral. Depending on the wind, visibility is between 2 to 10 meters.

  • Aqua Rush

If you are staying close to Durban, snorkelling with Aqua Rush is a great way to spend the day. Snorkelers have the opportunity to venture out beyond the waves and enjoy the calmer waters which will allow them to see all kinds of marine life, including dolphins.

A host of unforgettable sights await those who embark on a snorkelling expedition. Book your tour to South Africa today and explore the best of what our oceans have to offer.