South Africa as a Dive Location

Scuba diving in South Africa is an unforgettable experience!

South Africa, the worlds 25th largest country by land mass, some 1 213 090 sq. kilometres, with a coastline of 2 798 kms (1 730 miles). The entire West coast is washed by the cold Atlantic Ocean, and there is no recreational diving to be found anywhere along South Africa’s Western seaboard. Plus De Beers, the world’s biggest diamond mining company, does not like divers diving on the Western seaboard and taking their diamonds as if they were “sharks teeth”! …

Wreck Diving South Africa 

Shark Diving South Africa


Sardine Run

shoal during the sardine run

Every year, a massive and indescribable occurrence takes over the eastern coast of Southern Africa.

Billions of sardines spawn and begin to migrate which, as you can imagine, attracts a massive amount of oceanic predators. You can experience the Sardine Run when scuba diving in South Africa at the right time of the year.


great white shark cage diving in south africa

South Africa is a “shark hotspot” with over 100 species of shark present in our waters. Join Dive the Big 5 on the shark expedition of a lifetime to dive, interact, film and photograph White Sharks, Blue Sharks, Mako Sharks, Sevengill Sharks, Spotted Gully Sharks, Puffadder Catsharks, Dark Shy Sharks, Pajama Sharks, Leopard Cat Sharks, Cape Fur Seals, and much more.

Live Aboard Diving

I think you should be aware that neither South Africa nor Mozambique are “live-aboard” dive destinations.

If you are looking for a live-aboard dive destination, don’t look to South Africa / Mozambique.